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What the heck is slow fashion?

What the heck is slow fashion?   Slow Fashion is a different way of considering ones garments,  taking in to account both the environmental and human resources that are used to make clothing and accessories.  The focus is on sustainability. It involves buying better-quality garments (or bags) that will be used  for longer and values fair treatment of people making the garments, animals and the planet.

The bags and gloves I make are a lovely example of slow fashion.  The environmental impact is low as the majority of the materials are recycled.  The people who make them (myself and my assistant, Anne Marie) are paid living wages and work in good conditions.  Our boss is Beatrice is moody but with a little tuna we can usually keep her off our backs.  Tons of time goes into each piece, which makes it cost more, function better and last much longer.  There is something old fashioned and romantic about a truly well made object.

Slow Fashion is the direction we must go.  Living more thoughtfully will help our spirits and our world.  Valuing people over things and quality over quantity is revolutionary.   Best,  Jenae

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