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Little Stuff Matters

Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you well. For many years, I have wanted to own a garment from the design company Piazza Sempione. Twice I have found one of their garments in a thrift store. I loved the opportunity to admire their attention to detail. On my recent trip to Colorado, my friends and I wandered into a consignment shop, and there they were, Piazza Sempione jeans, in my size at 75% off the consignment price! As hoped, the jeans had wonderful detailing - all of the "small things" had been considered. Where I would usually expect to see a raw denim seam, the edges were finished with a striped cotton that matched the pocket lining. (photo) Also, the button on the inside of the waistband wasn't sewn directly on the fabric, rather on a "stem" that allows for movement. (photo) It is almost always the button that pops off of jeans, but not these ones! In thoughtfully considered craft it is the little things that add up to big things.

I hope people enjoy the details in my work. Lined pockets in carefully selected materials, a secure frame that fits snuggly, handmade straps and even the little tab to open the bag in a pattern that fits the overall design. The details are what makes something a better thing. Of course, I love to return to the theme of my business...Fewer things, better things.

My best,


p.s. I added a picture of another little thing. Don't you love it when a top or dress has that little tiny detail that prevents showing your bra all day? Little things matter!

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