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Bump Bags

Remember the bumps?

Hi All,

I am heading off to Colorado this afternoon. I grew up there and I'm looking forward to seeing my dad and visiting a couple of dear old friends. Before I go, I wanted to show you some of the projects that are on my table and will greet me when I come home. The first picture is the layout of one of the bumpy bags I'm planning to make (1). The next picture is a bag (before it is a bag), when I have all of the primary pieces together (2). The whale and penguin are parts of a special order that is full of vintage barkcloth animals (3). Lastly, I am making a bag for a customer out of this stunning barkcloth (another piece came up on eBay). She ordered a travel bag (the biggest bag I make). I ordered black fabric in denim, cotton duck and canvas so I can see which one would give the bag it's longest life. It all comes back to Fewer things, Better things. I'll snap a picture for you when I'm finished. Looks like I will have plenty to do when I get home. For now, I'm going to forget all that. Welcome to (almost) fall. This is when all things wool (gloves, scarves and bags) are so happy to reappear and be needed. A very special time for me as I happen to make gloves, scarves and bags, all one of a kind.

Like you.


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