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tiny signs of HOPE inside


I don't like it when people say "everything will be ok".  Actually, they won't but we can find little pieces of hope that help us get through.  In these overwhelming times I have been working in the front yard of my building.  Seven years ago, when the building opened, it was carelessly landscaped with shrubs and rose bushes that were never cared for and eventually died.  A year and some ago the management agreed to let me turn the space into a perennial garden.  It has become a great challenge and a big part of my identity in the community.  During this time of social isolation it has also been a very hopeful distraction.  I wanted to show you this picture of my hydrangea bush.  Even out of dead looking branches little green shoots are appearing.  In a few months it will be twice as large and ready to bloom.  I don't think it cares that there is a virus, it is just doing its spring thing.

What the heck does that have to do with anything?  Well, the things I make and you enjoy are about renewal. They are about something being made from nothing, an old piece of wool being given a second life, scraps being made into a thing of beauty.  These are the tiny signs of hope we can hold onto, even during a time like this one.

Wishing you good health and enough hope,


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