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Hello.  As most of you know, I am always hunting for fabulous textiles.  During the last year or so I've also been keeping my eyes peeled for lost and forgotten handiwork.  Sometimes I'll find an old cross stitch in a frame, other times,  embroidery on a table linen or a pillow case.  It is astounding, the time and effort that went into making a tea towel or a pillow case beautiful?  Beauty does matter and beauty has always mattered.

I have been keeping these pieces so that I could make a group of spring skirts.  In this crazy time of Clovid 19,  what could be better than a one of a kind spring skirt?  The entire group is now listed at www.rangeofemotion.comIt is satisfying to give discarded handiwork an opportunity to shine again.   With creativity, skill and effort something beautiful can be made from another persons discards.  The secret is to look, really look.  Thanks for supporting my work and being a part of the process.  jenae

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