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look what we did...again!!

Hi. I have a (not!) very sophisticated way of judging how things are going. If I have berries in the fridge and good cotton sheets on the bed, I count myself as lucky and on the right track. During this disorienting time, I have my work, the business percolates along, my family is healthy and nearly every morning I have berries on my cereal. I feel for those who have much less and it felt great to deliver another set of masks that "we" made. You all have bought 24 "Donate a Mask"! I also feel lucky that you have joined me in this on-line experiment . I miss the big, beautiful shows and time in the studio where we connected face to face but I have been very surprised by how personal this computer thing can feel. Wishing you well, Jenae

Also, I will get a new set of VOTE masks and totes up soon.

Once again, ten more of you, generously bought "Donate a Mask" on my site and paid for the materials for another group of masks.  Are you familiar with the homeless people who sell the paper "Street Sense"?  These masks will help a number of them stay safer! 

SHORT DEMO OF THE VOTE TOTES!  I will be making more!  If you want to be the first to know when I get new ones up on my site, just let me know!

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