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How can one apt. hold this much fabric?

Hello!  I hope your new decade is off to a good start.  I tried so hard not to re-enter the mode where I have an overwhelming list but I'm afraid I have given in. One thing that is always on my New Year's list is to "clean the studio".  Alternate title is "Clean up before someone calls the fire department or I loose my cat, smooshed under a pile of fabric".  So, here it is- the first and possibly only tour of the place where all of my work is made.  Enjoy.

Other note is that I am trying to get my site up for Valentine's day so if you have a significant other, this is the time to start gently bugging them.

Also, I have spent a lot of time planning for 2020-- get ready for spring and fall skirts and a couple new bag shapes.  You will be the first to see everything!

Last note, Do you treasure a bag or object that I made for you?  If so, please CLICK HERE and leave a comment.  I need some customer feedback for the NEW WEBSITE!

Where can you find my bags, gloves and other pretty things?

Torpedo Factory Art Center Studio 226 105 N. Union Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Open 11-5 everyday but Monday (closed)

You will be the first to know when my web site becomes a shopping site.  I’m guessing that will be in end of January!

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