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Has anyone heard of guerilla garening?

Hi All-

Different people turn to different things in times like this.  As you may know, I get a lot of satisfaction from gardening.  It seems I have always liked working with my hands and making something I can easily see.  Gardening, baking and making handbags are very straight forward tasks.  You can see your progress and one thing can become another.  Seeds become a garden, flour becomes bread and old garments become functional handbags.

So, when a friend mentioned guerrilla gardening my ears perked up.  Guerrilla gardening is basically finding a piece of land that has been neglected (like the long skinny strip between the sidewalk and road) and pulling the weeds, planting flowers and making the space beautiful and nurtured.

While walking home from the post office (my big event for the day),  I spotted a tree that was blossoming like no other.  See the pictures, amazing. Unfortunately the trunk was in a knot of Ivy, and the space was full of weeds.  It is in front of a school and around the corner from me so I figured I could work on it a little at a time.  I'm sure I wouldn't have taken this on if we weren't in the time of covid 19, but it feels great to have a different project that hopefully will make people smile and think "Who did that?"  Public art of a sort.  (see photos above and below)

I am photographing a group of spring, lost and found skirts today and I list them at this weekend.  The site is full of great bags, many are appropriate for spring summer.

I would love to know how you are doing?  What is giving you moments of satisfaction?  Do the days seem long or short?   Share any thoughts or comments on my Facebook HERE! Please let me know how you are.

Wear your mask, stay inside and do at least a few unexpected things, like guerrilla gardening,


"We have art in order to not die from the truth."  Nietzsche

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