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Hello.  The most hopeful thing I have experienced this season is watching my garden grow.  The picture above is current and the picture below is a few months ago.  Flowers don't care about COVID.  I live next door to a locally owned hardware store.  I am pretty sure the business is surviving because of the enormous number of plants they are selling.  Humans need hope.

Hope that a seed can become a flower.  Hope that our country could care for those who need it the most. Hope that recycled textiles could be transformed into beautiful, functional objects. 

I am finishing up my mini-collection of bags and masks with words.  Next is a beautiful special order and I will take you with me through the process.

The things I make are built on hope.  I hope you can feel that.  jenae

I'm finishing up my words collection.  I will show you some bags and totes later this week.  I might not be able to resist making a few more VOTE masks.

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