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Does beauty matter?

Hi.  Probably, like many of you, part of my energy during this time has been spent making sure the older folks in my family are ok.  For me, that means my 79 year old mom in Virginia (many of you have met her at the Winter Market) and my 80 year old dad in Colorado.  One of the silver linings has been that I talk with my dad more often. I showed him my garden through Facebook and when I walked around the deserted Smithsonian's I took pictures of the blossoming trees for him.  Later, he sent a text and said the sweetest thing, "Thanks for sharing the beauty Jenae. Beauty is kind of your thing!"

I felt so happy about what he said.  I love beauty whether it be a thoughtfully arranged plate of food or the way it can rain sideways creating "tails" like a shooting star.  The most common complement I get a show or market  is "I love your bags.  They are so beautiful." Wearing one, even a quiet one is a bold announcement BEAUTY MATTERS! And when could it possibly matter more than now?

Do people ask you about your bag (or gloves, scarf or skirt) when you use it?  What is the favorite compliment that you have received. Please comment here on my Facebook


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