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do cherry blossoms grow on bridges?

Hello all,

As always I'm playing a balancing act between making things to sell, making things just because I want to and just staying under the covers.  Those of you who have been to the Torpedo Factory might remember that our window display was decorated with wool felt flowers on a branch.  I really enjoyed making it.  So I made another and friends helped me hang this one on the Brookland Bridge by my house.  I guess I just like the idea of people thinking, who put that there? Why?  It's my tiny vote for beauty and it helps reduce the days where I stay under the covers.  

For the days when you get out, consider buying one of the masks I make.  I have a whole bunch of new ones on my site.  They meet the cdc requirements and add a little beauty to the visual landscape.  They also can be washed and worn a zillion times.

Thanks for the great support you all have given me the last few months.  jenae

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