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Hello All- A friend teased me about my opening "Hello All" and after a moment I remembered where that came from. My grandma in Indiana (who I wrote about a couple of weeks ago) used to write a weekly letter to my family in Colorado and every week she opened with "hello all". Isn't it funny how we hang on to little things like that? All of those memories, stitched together, are like a comforter that we can crawl under during a confusing time. I don't know about you all but this time ranks very high in confusion. How do we balance having a full life when a possible cost is life itself? How do we handle the uncertain economic situation, much worse for some of us than others? How do we know which expert to listen to? Oh, and by the way, what day is it? What time is it? It is like everything is turned on its head. In many ways this relates to the heart of Range of Emotion. It is a time to hang on to little signs of hope. A time when the spirit of the things you use, be it a mask or bag, really matter. Creativity and gardening seem to be more highly valued as the usual behaviors are restricted. We hunger to see little ways that something good can come from nothing. Wishing you good health and strength through whatever you face, jenae p.s.

You all have given me hope with your tremendous purchases through the website. This is my new and only store front and the interaction is much more meaningful than I could have imagined. Thank you.


You payed for my materials and I added the labor and look what we did...13 high quality masks were donated to the Union Mission Shelter a few days ago. Thank you and we can continue to make more together!

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