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beauty that will make your heart explode

Just a quick note to you all.  First, thank you for all of the sales, big and small, they have helped me trust that my business will be ok, even if the web is my only venue.  Second, a dear friend shared this video with me and it is so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you.  Beauty heals and BLACK LIVES MATTER.   Last, I'm still cloudy on the details but my theme this year will be weeping willows.  I am inspired by the images of weeping willows on the head stones from the turn of the century.  More to come.  Love, Jenae

Their were many of you who requested notice when the new silk/cotton summer masks will be available.   I'm still waiting on the fabric and I have a few of you "test driving" the design.  The mask will work with elastic ear things or ties. You will still be the first to know. :)

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