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are you miserable in your mask?

Hello.  I went on a search to find the most beautiful, lightest weight, tightly woven cotton/silk fabrics and not surprisingly, I found them at Mood Fabrics NYC.  What a yummy box to open!  They were expensive but because I am a tiny manufacturer I'm not under pressure to use cheap materials. (My boss approves every decision that I make. :) )  I have said that my masks will outlast the pandemic and it is probably true.

Wearing a mask is a pain but wearing one in the hot and humid summer is even worse.   I'm hoping these will make it a little less miserable.  I have quite a few listed and will make more this week.  If you prefer ear elastic, go ahead and buy the one you like but put a note in the order so I can make one for you.  

Wishing you good health,  jenae

These aren't medical masks but the meet the CDC guidelines for cloth face coverings.  They have a nose wire and a pocket for added filtration, just like the others.  

Next Week I should have some summer totes, the snap in ones!

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