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What is so amazing about recycled wool?

Hello All- 

All wool is amazing and the vintage wool is even more magnificent. Nothing welcomes color and texture as whole heartedly as wool.  It is warm, durable, and stain resistant. Twenty some years ago I found a textured wool coat in a thrift store.  I knew it was mid century by the cut and the fur collar. The lining was adorned with a gorgeous woven satin store label.  (Many of them become label bags!)

Usually there is another tag on the lapel with the name of the wool maker.  The vast majority of the coats I found and loved had “Forstmann” or “Hockumann” labels.  These labels were from a company that ran a mill in Passaic, New Jersey from the early 1900's.  Each texture has a name and I have collected these over the years.  It is my little “key” to the world of vintage, textured wool coats. 

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