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see how the guerrilla gardening turned out!

Hello. Above is my guerrilla gardening spot. The tree is the reference. I put in hostas and creeping jenny, hoping it will spread and keep down the ivy, which is some nasty stuff. I came home from weeding one day and googled it. If you leave even an inch of ivy in the ground it will start growing back from there. Sounds, sadly, like this virus we are dealing with. Actually, it sounds like a lot of things that are going on now.

On the brighter side, I finished two new summer bags this week. The green brocade is actually all season. I think they will find a homes quickly!  Take a few minutes to browse my website.  Treating yourself with something handmade is healthy and encouraged.  I have new toile masks in a bunch of different colors. All of he spring skirts are 15% off. Check them out. They are so fun.

Last, I was moved and surprised this week by the response of the woman who owns Teaism (a lovely little cafe in DC). A couple nights ago it was burned during the protests. That night she tweeted, "Before anyone puts a single word in our mouths. Black Lives Matter." Best, Jenae

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