Occasionally, I will spot a vintage textile and feel a combination of feelings. On one hand, I feel a bit sad that someone (usually a woman) put her efforts into this time consuming task, only for it to end up in the bin. On the other hand I feel a romanticism for the period when women would spend a lot of time just to make a kitchen towel or a pillow case beautiful. I have collected these textiles for years and I am excited to give them a second opportunity to be seen and enjoyed? I hope you love them!

this collection of skirts are made out of cotton or linen. they are all cut on the bias. each skirt is adorned with vintage handwork and trim.


A note about care and sizing. Skirts cut on the bias stretch as they fall over one hips, that is how the get the pretty little flair. Because of this, sizing can seem a little jumbled, one skirt can fit many sizes. All of the skirts are dry clean but any of them would be fine to spot clean on the primary fabric.

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